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Jobward is a free mobile app that helps you organize your job search & share your professional documents.
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Fight the Filter
Hiring websites weed out great talent just like you. Jobward gives you the tools to break through and get the interview.
Get Unstuck
Feel like applying for a job is like throwing your resume into a blackhole? Maintain momentum and stay on track with Jobward.
Manage Anxiety
It’s not you, it’s a broken system. Jobward is here to to help you deal with the pressure of a process that can drain you.
We’re not a job board.
We’re out to fix the hiring process by empowering professionals. Getting a job requires a different set of skills than doing that job.
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Jobward is a startup based in San Antonio, Texas.
Dirk Elmendorf
Software Developer
Dirk brings lots of technology to this party, but his experience at Rackspace taught him the importance of focusing on the people. His focus is trying to give job seekers the best tools to find the job of their dreams.
Dirk’s worst job was the two days he spent driving an ice cream truck.
Brett Elmendorf
UX Developer
Brett is a technologist, artist, and maker. He balances great design with fresh tech for good tools that are easy-to-use.
Raking sand traps one summer at a country club in Indiana at 4am is when Brett learned "you should never do anything well that you don’t like doing".
Drew Hicks
UX Designer
Drew is a professional storyteller and experience designer. Throughout his career, he's wrangled untamed creativity into actionable designs.
Drew is motivated by wild places, ideas and people. He collects books on the anthropology of magic. Drew once got chewed out by a boss - in German - for buying the "wrong kind" of sandwiches.
Natalie Karney
Natalie is a project manager and people organizer. She keeps people on track, projects moving forward, and makes sure the lights stay on. Got a problem? She'll solve it.
If dark humor and good food are your thing, Natalie's your pal. She once sold lawn care services in Idaho ... in January. She was somehow promoted to sales manager.
+1 (210) 880-2825
601 Delaware St
San Antonio, TX 78210
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