Everyone has advice for job seekers.
Jobward has tools to actually help.
Relevance wins the hiring process.
Recruiters and Hiring Managers want you to tell them why you can do a job, not try to impress them. We can teach you how.
Stop writing resumes. Start generating them.
Jobward remembers your responses to job criteria. Quickly remix your responses to generate unique resumes in minutes.
Break free from the black hole.
You are not alone. Job searching can be miserable. Jobward helps you set goals and stay on track so that you land the job you deserve.
"Jobward cares about your success. I would absolutely recommend using Jobward to anyone."— Amanda
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Meet the FoundersWe’re the team that’s out to change the hiring process by building tools for job seekers. We believe that making hiring fair, equitable, and empowering for all parties is achievable.
Brett ElmendorfBrett Elmendorf knows people will thrive in the right environment and he wants them to get there. He is a mix of creative and technologist. At Jobward, Brett takes a rough sketch of what the job seeker needs and creates it in their web browser or mobile phone. He listens well and is constantly scanning for the interesting connections that can make things better.
Natalie KarneyNatalie was laid off from a job when she was six months pregnant. She understands the mental health toll it takes on professionals who are job seeking. Natalie takes that empathy and uses it to advocate for job seekers, not only as the product owner inside of Jobward, but in her community as well. She knows that every person is worthy of the dignity that a stable job provides.
Drew HicksDrew leads user experience design for Jobward. Through his research into the struggles that job seekers experience, he has uncovered solutions that help empower candidates to tell their unique and relevant professional stories. If he’s not coaching job seekers or designing user interfaces, he’s happy to talk with you about typography, graphic identity, or copywriting.
Dirk ElmendorfDirk is focused on the technology behind Jobward. He has spent his entire career building tools to help people and businesses have better outcomes. He understands that the process of hiring isn't about automation or machine learning, it is about enabling people to tell their story in a way that gets them the job they are perfect for.
We believe making hiring fair, equitable, and empowering for all parties is achievable.
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